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Utilising the latest logistics technology

Quality transport solutions

Utilising the latest logistics technology

We utilise industry leading proprietary technology to integrate and automate your freight processing to simplify your workflow and avoid potential human errors.

This world-class technology can integrate seamlessly with your existing website or business software to streamline your business and assist with managing invoicing, billing, reconciliation, and more.

Through this technology, our experienced team can help pinpoint where your business is bottlenecking or draining efficiency and identify a solution.

Adaptable and efficient

Our integrations

Our software can hook up to many existing websites, CRM's (customer relationship management platforms), business systems and more. This will automatically synchronise your orders with our fulfilment system where inventory is managed and freight is scheduled efficiently.

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Latest technology


Sharing documents via email wastes time, slows down employees, exposes this data to vulnerabilities, and is unnecessary with electronic data interchange (EDI). As a paper-dependent industry, it's important for any business dealing with logistics to migrate to electronics.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) allows you to optimise your work processes by tying together information from multiple departments. One source of truth is created, increasing data integrity and decreasing data duplication.

Emission & cost efficiency through transit diversity

Maximise efficiency and profitability

Increase your profitability with NTS